WPA Posters

16 Silkscreen Posters from the WPA

Included in Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration was funding for the Federal Art Project. At the close of the Federal Art Project in 1943, over 200,000 works had been made from artists including Mark Rothko, Grant Wood and Phillip Guston; now known around the world. Along with plays, murals and traditional paintings, many posters were made by artists for organisations also sponsored by the WPA. The incredible diversity of style and subject remain influential for graphic designers and artists today. Vintage prints on Photistoric.

1938. “Yellowstone National Park, Ranger Naturalist Service.” Silkscreen. Print by Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

1936-1941. “More courtesy.” Screen Print. Silkscreen by Federal Art Project.

1936-1937. “Result Three killed by speeding car at dark corner.” Silkscreen. Print by Federal Art Project.

1941-1943. “No enemy sub will dare lift its eye if you lend your Zeiss…” Silkscreen. Print by WPA.

1936-1939. “Your Family Needs…” Silkscreen. Print by Charles Verschuuren.

1936-1939. “W.P.A. Federal Theatre Presents…” Silkscreen. Print by Emmanuel DeColas.

1941-1943. “War Industry Needs Water…” Silkscreen. Print by Glenn Stuart Pierce.

1936-1937. “Save Your Eyes Use…” Silkscreen. Print by WPA Illinois Safety Division.

1936-1941. “Doctor Lawyer Merchant…” Silkscreen. Print by Illinois WPA Art Project.

1939. “Indian Court Federal…” Silkscreen. Print by Louis B. Siegriest.

1936-1939. “Marionette Theatre Presents…” Silkscreen. Print by Charles Verschuuren.

1936-1941. “Fruit Store.” Silkscreen. Print by Federal Art Project.

1936-1937. “Failure Here May…” Woodcut. Print by Allan Nase.

1936-1940. “Don’t Gum Up…” Silkscreen. Print by Gregg Arlington.

1936-1941. “Indian Art Of…” Silkscreen. Print by New York City W.P.A. Art Project.


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