Home Sweet Home

1947. Unknown photographer. “Image of a member of Operation Windmill sitting in the snow with a note near him that reads “Home Sweet Home.” The man is holding a tin pan and smoking a cigarette. Operation Windmill (1947-1948) was an expedition established by the Chief of Naval Operations to train personnel, test equipment, and reaffirm American interests in Antarctica.”

From the Smithsonian Institution.

Antarctic Swimsuit Test

1946. Photograph by US Navy. “The U.S. Navy one-piece cold weather swimsuit underwent tests in icy Antarctic waters, in this historical photo. Three 5-man teams each stayed in the ice-laden waters of the Bay of Whales for a period of twenty minutes. No harmful effects were noted or reported. Under the rubber swim suit the men wore only one pair of long underwear. Each man had a 25-foot safety line tied around their waist. This was during Operation Highjump.”

From the Antarctic Photo Library.


1941. Photograph by Russell Lee. “Jack Whinery, homesteader, with his wife and the youngest of his five children, Pie Town, New Mexico.”

From the Library of Congress.