1970s Interior Design

1977. Photograph by John Margolies. “Nevele lobby.” Photograph shows the lobby of the Nevele Grand Hotel in 1977. The Nevele was located Wawarsing, New York in the Catskills.

Apollo 14 Weightless Training

“Apollo 14. Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr., Apollo 14 commander, pulls the modular equipment transporter (MET) under weightless conditions aboard an Air Force KC-135 out of Patrick Air Force Base. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 lunar module pilot, is behind the MET. The KC-135 aircraft, flying a parabolic curve, creates a weightless environment providing a training exercise in preparation for the astronauts’ extravehicular activities (EVA) on the lunar surface. This training simulates the 1/6 gravity the astronauts will encounter on the moon.” From the NASA Human Spaceflight Gallery. Vintage Photographs on Photistoric.