Children Working the Tobacco Fields

1917. Photograph by Lewis Hine. “Group of field-workers at Hunttings’ Tobacco Farm. One of 9 years, two of 11 yrs., 8 of 12 yrs., 5 of 13 yrs., 3 of 14 yrs., 1 of 15. Four of 11 and 12 had gone home and were not counted. Most of these get $1.50 a day. Location: Rockwell, Connecticut.”

From the Library of Congress.

Census Bureau Card Puncher

Unknown Date. Photograph by Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census. Public Information Office. “This Is a Card Puncher, an Integral Part of the Tabulation System Used by the United States Census Bureau to Compile the Thousands of Facts Gathered by the Bureau. Holes Are Punched in the Card According to a Prearranged Code Transferring the Facts From the Census Questionaire Into Statistics.”

From the National Archives.