Census Bureau Card Puncher

Unknown Date. Photograph by┬áDepartment of Commerce. Bureau of the Census. Public Information Office. “This Is a Card Puncher, an Integral Part of the Tabulation System Used by the United States Census Bureau to Compile the Thousands of Facts Gathered by the Bureau. Holes Are Punched in the Card According to a Prearranged Code Transferring the Facts From the Census Questionaire Into Statistics.”

From the National Archives.

Unemployment Line

1938. Photograph by Dorothea Lange. “Unemployment benefits aid begins. Line of men inside a division office of the State Employment Service office at San Francisco, California, waiting to register for benefits on one of the first days the office was open. They will receive from six to fifteen dollars per week for up to sixteen weeks. Coincidental with the announcement that the federal unemployment census showed close to ten million persons out of work, twenty-two states begin paying unemployment compensation”

From the National Archives.

Home Sweet Home

1947. Unknown photographer. “Image of a member of Operation Windmill sitting in the snow with a note near him that reads “Home Sweet Home.” The man is holding a tin pan and smoking a cigarette. Operation Windmill (1947-1948) was an expedition established by the Chief of Naval Operations to train personnel, test equipment, and reaffirm American interests in Antarctica.”

From the Smithsonian Institution.